Picture of 125 grain kudupoint broadhead

  • Premium Quality • Made in U.S.A.
  • Precision manufactured
  • Special factory edge treatment ensures ready-to-use sharpness.
  • No discernable axial runout.
  • Lifetime materials and workmanship guarantee, when purchased from KuduPoint or an authorized dealer.

Picture of 2 kudupoint broadheads

  • Super Tough & Super Durable • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Extreme strength, durability and precision.
  • Ferrule permanently bonded to hardened blade
  • No extra parts or fasteners to loosen or shift.
  • Excellent edge retention with non-brittle toughness
  • 0.050″ thick blade provides optimal strength and performance.
  • Dark finish on all parts to reduce glare.
  • Stainless steel type: Blade: 420 hardened to 50Rc, Ferrule: 416.

Picture of Kudupoint Broadhead KP100MC

  • Performance
  • Sleek profile and non-perforated blade for quiet, accurate flight.
  • Cut-on-contact design.
  • KuduPoint single-bevel blades have deep penetration through different tissue types due to less drag than multiple or perforated blade broadheads.
  • Rotation during wound creation acts as a wedge to displace or split bone and provides for impressive wound channel characteristics.