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60 yard target

Why I shoot KuduPoint Broadheads:

Now, I am not a flashy hunter and I can’t hit a deer running through the forest at 85 yards in the dark, but I do pay attention to my equipment setup. Besides being a high quality, well made broadhead that hits where I aim it, KuduPoints offer the following advantages:

1) Two blade heads penetrate better with the same KE or momentum than three or four blade heads. Obviously, with only two cutting points of contact the arrows will travel farther into the animal and deflate it causing the desired bilateral pneumothorax and a quick, ethical kill. This coupled with the single bevel and the resulting spiral wound channel (clearly seen and felt every time you pull your arrow from a target) causes catastrophic damage to internal organs; again causing a quick and ethical kill.

— I teach large numbers of youth to shoot and when an archer shoots a low poundage bow, this increased penetration is very significant.

2) KuduPoints tune more easily and readily than other heads. With only two “fins” on the front of the arrow affecting flight, tuning deals with fewer aerodynamic variables and results in more true flight, especially under adverse conditions, than other options.

–Again, when you are working with kids who only have a limited number of quality shots it is important to tune quickly before fatigue affects their shots…when hunting, it is the first or rarely the second shot that matters.

3) KuduPoints have demonstrated exceptional durability. I have beat these things to death and they still perform amazingly well. In fact, one of the two heads used in the shots pictured (from 60 yards) was the original head given to me as a sample by KuduPoint at a past Sportsman Show. I have shot everything from garbage out in the forest to Rock Chucks in the fields with that specific head and even after rocks, trees, and dirt, it will still fly true enough to go on any of my arrows and hit my 1″ orange dot at 60 yards (I hit another at 70 yards a little later this morning too)!

I am sold on KuduPoints broadheads and stand behind them. Happy hunting and best of luck in September. –Brian W.