About Us

KuduPointUSA began in 2012. Our involvement in broadheads and archery products precedes 2012 by a few years. The Kudupoint partners had invested in and built specialty equipment and associated fixtures and developed specialized manufacturing processes in order to supply parts to another vendor. When that relationship concluded, we applied our invested assets, innovative new ideas, improved methods of manufacture, and ways of doing business to our own products and KuduPointUSA was born.

One of our partners is a career tool and die maker and shop manager and lifelong hunter. The other partner has a background in military/aviation, construction, agriculture, retail, customer service and firearms related equipment manufacturing.

KuduPointUSA provides excellent customer service with innovative and superior products at competitive prices. These things will lead to successful ongoing relationships with all of our stakeholders. We hope to earn your business!

mailing address:

5060 SW Philomath Blvd. #199
Corvallis, OR 97333


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