PacBow Brand KuduPoint Broadhead Target




These targets shipped directly from manufacture and may take up to two weeks for processing and delivery. Priority shipping does not apply. 23 lbs.

Targets cannot be shipped to PO boxes. A physical address is required.

– The KuduPoint Logo 18 x 18 x 12 broadhead target is manufactured from a Poly U 360 self-healing foam.
– The foam cells mainly flex in lieu of tearing when field points penetrate then flex back with arrow removal.
– High tensile strength foam providing superior stopping power.
– You can shoot the same spots over and over on all 6 sides for years of shooting broadheads and field points out of compound bows or crossbows.
– Has a durable offset handle for easy carry without hitting your leg every step.
– Each side has unique painted spots including tiny, small, and medium dots as well as small to large X’s, allowing you to practice for close-in to long-range with clear view of the spot.
– Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Good quality and solid construction make this a very nice target. 2-year guarantee from manufacturer