How do you sharpen these blades?

Andy’s method: Treat it as you would your pocket knife – it is the same steel as found on many popular knives! The method I have used for years is to use a small cylindrical diamond hone.

Bias the honing onto the edge by slightly tipping off the bevel angle or the back face. Use very light pressure! It can help to color the bevel facet with a Sharpie marker. Make sure to rub only on the edge, at as low an angle as possible, without touching the mark on the face of the bevel.

Erik’s method: Save your sharpening time for hunting. When you get a dull or dinged blade make it a target blade and treat yourself to a new pack of blades with our super sharp factory edge! (You already knew this is the best method didn’t you?)

Customers may also send broadheads without customer sharpening attempts or other damages to us for a factory touch up on our finisher. Blades must be safely shipped in original plastic containers taped shut for safety. Include a note with request to sharpen and your return shipping address and $6.00 USD for return shipping.

Use the Lansky Adapter.