Precision made in the U.S.A. with a special factory edge treatment that ensures ready-to-use sharpness out of the box.

Strong, durable stainless steel construction. Ferrule is permanently bonded to the 0.050″ thick blade. Excellent edge retention without brittleness by hardening to 50Rc.

The single-bevel, cut-on-contact design results in deep penetration through different tissue types. Rotation throughout wound creation acts as a wedge to displace or split bone and provides for impressive wound channel characteristics.

Reduced drag and quiet, accurate flight compared to multiple or perforated blades

Lifetime materials and workmanship guarantee, when purchased from KuduPoint or an authorized dealer.

Contour & Contour + Plus:

  • Standard #8-32 thread
  • 100 Grain: Width: 1.07″ x Length 1.18″
  • 125 Grain: Width: 1.25″ x Length 1.40″
  • 150 Grain: Width: 1.38″ x Length 1.60″

Contour + Plus has an 8 grain bleeder with ferrule weight reduced to compensate.  Bleeders only fit the Plus models.

Contour for Easton Deep-Six:

  • Micro-shaft #6-40 thread
  • Micro Contour 100 Grain Width: 1.13″ x Length 1.20″
  • Micro Contour 125 Grain Width: 1.28″ x Length 1.50″

The measurements above are nominal and may vary slightly between manufacturing lots.

Weight: Nominal +/-1%

Axial run-out: Minimal to no discernible run-out.

Our manufacturing and inspection processes insure that any head with excessive run-out will be rejected. Our experience is that run-out is almost always attributable to improper fit or damaged inserts / shafts.